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Beat The Trap With E-Cigarettes

Are you a smoker? Well if you are you should get yourself an e-cigarette. For each time you have a cigarette you feel like your looking though a haze; this e-cigarette will free you from all that. You will no longer smell like a walking cigarette and you will not smell the smoke on your clothes or have a smoker’s breath. With the secondhand smoke being gone your friends will want to start hanging out again and being in your company again too. The improvement in how you feel will make it worth it.

With this e-cigarette there is no tobacco to light but it still looks like you’re actually smoking one. Once you really start to use your e-cigarette you will start to realize that you do not want to go back to smoking the real thing. The best thing about it is the freedom you get from it, because once you get rid of this habit you can start saving money back to buy that thing you always wanted to get but was to broke to get it.

The air-fresheners that you bought for your home or car will no longer be a problem. The breath mints you used to get, you will no longer need them either. The smoke on your walls and windows will no longer have the awful build-up. You might even notice a lot of things the more you use it. Like the food you eat will taste a lot different and all the smells too.

The stuff like the taste of food and the smells, the reason why they went away is that the smoke closed the pores in your mouth and nose so you could not notice it. Your skin tone will even start to come back as the pores start opening back up. Even your hair and gums might start looking and feeling better. The signs of bad health will start to go away and then you will start seeing signs of good.

Once you see for yourself that there is no smoke in this e-cigarette you might find yourself saying that these old cigarettes no longer appeal to you. You will see yourself reaching for the best electronic cigarette instead of the real thing. Even your non-smoking friends will like that you no longer use tobacco products. With your e-cigarette your friends that smoke will start asking you questions and you will be able to tell them the web site and all the information they need to get themselves one.

Firefly Vaporizer User Reviews

If you had to put together a list of the most popular and influential vaporizers on the market then there are definitely a few names that could be considered for the top spot. For many, however, there is only one logical choice and that would be the Firefly vaporizer from the dedicated team at Firefly Vapor. The Firefly vaporizer was an amazing vaporizer that was sleek, stylish, and highly function at a time when having any one of these would have been great. Many vape fans did not think it would be possible to top the Firefly but that is exactly what Firefly Vapor has done with the new Firefly 2. Here is why the Firefly 2 is fit to replace the original model and again, with a 5 year warranty.

Sleek New Better, Even Better Performance

The original Firefly was distinguished by its rather sleek look. It was not an overly complicated or busy design. Instead it opted for something simplistic and easily recognizable. However, it was not an easy vaporizer to use if you were trying to be discreet due to its size. Fortunately,t his problem has been corrected thanks to a much smaller body. The body of the Firefly 2 is actually one third smaller, which makes it easier to fit into your pocket.

Note: If you are new to vaping and are used to smoking, there will be huge and noticeable differences in it’s effects. You also get similar results when comparing vaporizers.

Making the body even better is the fact that the body is no longer made with the heavy stainless steel framework. Now it is made with magnesium alloy and that has led to the body weighing significantly less than the original Firefly vaporizer. This means that it will not be uncomfortable to carry around in your pocket with your wallet and other items. It also means that you will be able to use it discreetly whenever you wish.

Better Batteries Mean Longer Performance

If you had to rank the biggest problems the original Firefly had it would definitely be that the batteries the original model used were absolutely terrible. They were incapable of holding a charge for very long and after a few charging sessions they would start to die entirely. Firefly Vapor has corrected this problem by redesigning the batteries from the ground up. Now it only takes twenty minutes to get the batteries to a charge up to 80%. If you are willing to wait another twenty minutes you will have the full charge.

Heating Up

The original Firefly was fantastic at heating up quickly and without any problems. However, the Firefly 2 blows away the original’s performance by an incredible amount. The new Firefly model is able to heat up to its optimal temperature in less than five seconds. This is extremely fast, especially compared against other portables on the market. With this kind of heat up speed you can use your vaporizer quickly and discreetly.

The Firefly 2 represents what a company is capable of when they really know their product and know what their customers want. The Firefly 2 changes only what is necessary and can be improved upon. This is a fine continuation of an already great product.

Herniated Discs – What You Need to Know If You’ve Just Been Diagnosed.

The word backbone is misleading. Your back is actually a complex mechanism. Your spine is made of vertebrae separated by soft discs. In the center of each is a hole, and running up the middle, like a bundle of cables, is your spinal cord. The discs provide a place for the spine to flex as well as providing shock absorption. It also allows those nerves running through your spine to lead out of the spinal column into your body where needed.

Where back problems can begin is in your simple daily activities. Gravity and the pressure of your activities pull down on your vertebrae, pressing the discs. When the discs are compressed, vertebrae are pushed closer together. Over a short period and with normal activity level, this isn’t much of a problem.

If you work in a strenuous profession or spend a lot of time on your feet, this pressure can be dangerous and can lead to a herniated disc. In the discs of your back there is tough cartilage and a softer jelly like material in the center. A herniated disc means the jelly like portion of the disc has bulged out of place between your hard vertebrae. As painful as this sounds, the effects are even worse.

Further problems can be postponed if you begin inversion therapy before a disc herniates. Even afterward, your problem can be treated with an inversion table. Look at highly rated tables. Some of the best on the market are available for a very reasonable cost, especially compared with the time you have to take off of work when you have back surgery and the cost of medical care.

A herniated disc can put pressure on the spinal cord. You might also hear this conditioned referred to as a slipped disc or a ruptured disc. Pinched nerves can also step from a herniated disc. A pinched nerve can cause symptoms rangingĀ from numbness and tingling to severe and debilitating pain.

When symptoms are mild, doctors recommend physical therapy and pain management. Symptoms can become more difficult to manage, interfering your ability to complete even the simplest daily tasks. At this point, doctors will start discussing surgery. The surgery is invasive and can take some time to recover. Even then, it does not prevent back problem from progressing further.

That is all the case provided the surgery actually works, which is not guaranteed. You also have to take into account the fact that surgery on your spine is inherently risky. Cortisol shots and pain killers can mask symptoms and put off surgery, but they don’t help the problem at all. In fact, the problem can get worse while you are treating your back with pain killers alone. Pain killers also lose their effectiveness over time, which means higher doses.

When you use your inversion table, you gently decompress your vertebrae. This, along with the enhanced flow of blood to the area, allows your back to realign itself. It takes the pressure of of pinched nerves and helps with the pain of your herniated disc. The blood flow increases the speed of healing as well.


This is a treatment that helps pain as well as treating the underlying problem, helping with quality of life in a way that really matters.

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