Does Chaining A Dog Up Create Aggression?When you are a dog owner you grow to love your pet and you do everything that you can to ensure their happiness and well being. However, if you keep your dog outside and use a chain you may find that they seem to act a bit more aggressively than normal.

The sad truth is that while they may enjoy their backyard quite a bit, the moment you put a leash on them is the moment they will stop acting like their more loveable self. Here are some of the reasons why putting a dog on a chain only makes them more aggressive and what you can do to prevent it.

While a dog and a person do not really think the same way there are some commonalities that run between them. For example, if you were to be able to walk around in your backyard as free as a bird you would probably find it to be pleasant.

Now imagine someone has just tethered you to a fixed point in the yard and you can only go so many feet in any given direction. That would naturally become very frustrating very quickly. This is true for dogs too.

When you put a leash on a dog it almost immediately registers to them that they are being restricted in some way. They do not feel this way when they are simply fenced in because with a fence they at least are able to walk around as much as they like within those boundaries. Putting a leash on them immediately lets them know that they are not free to move as they wish and that puts them on edge.

If you are aware of how aggressive the leash is making your dog but still want to be able to keep them contained then one of the best solutions that you can utilize is that of a dog fence. To clarify, you need to get an actual fence and not just an invisible fence. An actual fence is always better than an invisible fence because an invisible dog fence can be adapted to by the dog and they can eventually escape it.

The reason why a dog fence is preferable to a dog instead of a leash is because it gives them an area in which they can walk around without having a constant reminder attached to them that they cannot actually go anywhere. They are not tethered to a fixed point and as such are able to find a spot in your yard where they are comfortable and safe.

It does need to be said that your dog may attempt to escape from the fence so make sure that they are not able to climb over it, jump over it, or dig out from under it.

If your dog is particularly tenacious this could prove to be a difficult task. Just keep this in mind when you go to buy your fence in the first place and it will save you some headaches down the road.